The Joy Nativity Set

Enjoy this spectacular 2-color outdoor Nativity Scene. This 3-piece set will be the highlight of your Christmas decorations for years to come.

The Joy Nativity is made with King ColorCore® environmentally stabilized sheet plastic with multiple layers of contrasting colors designed for marine, playground and recreational applications. The Joy Nativity’s material consists of high impact resistant polymer to handle more abuse than conventional sign materials. It is cut from a superior homogeneous sheet, made with a unique state-of-the-art continuous process called PolyFusion, manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.


Measuring 4' tall and 6' wide, this nativity is designed to complement any yard this Christmas. Includes mounting poles and brackets for easy set-up in your yard.


Proclaim the true meaning of Christmas while supporting your local organization.


Make sure the gift of Jesus is prominent in your decorations this Christmas!


Simple... elegant... unique... beautiful!